giovedì 23 aprile 2015

Playing with my dangerous puppies

Model & photographer: Miriana Redangel

Dress: Entice - Night Moves Skirt & Top - Fatpack w/ HUD for 60L weekend
Shoes: Entice - Night Moves Heels - SH/Maitreya - Fatpack w/ HUD for 60L weekend

Hair:  Tameless Hair Masie - Mega Pack 

Pose: SN~ Resting Tiger Bagged for The Black Dot Event

Location: Camtasia Resort

Il nuovo set "Night Moves" di Entice sarà disponibile per 60L Weekend a partire dal 25 aprile 2015. Rimarrà in vendita fino alla prossima settimana.

The Night Moves set will be released for 60L weekend on 4/25/15.  They will remain on sale until the following week when they next week's item is put out.

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